Collecting the evidence – 12th October 2016

Today, we went to the zebra crossing on Grove Lane to see if it was true that cars were not stopping to allow pedestrians to cross the road.We collected three different types of evidence between 8.30am and 8.45am:

  1. How many cars crossed the zebra
  2. How many pedestrians used the zebra
  3. How many cars that did not stop

Of the 205 cars that crossed the zebra in 15 minutes, 44 did not stop within a reasonable amount of time. So, over 21% of cars crossing the zebra are not following the rules, potentially endangering the lives of the 161 parents and children who used the zebra this morning.

We need to take action!

We are going to tell the children in upper school assembly on Friday about this dangerous situation and discuss the situation further at our school council meeting.


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2 Responses to Collecting the evidence – 12th October 2016

  1. Robina says:

    I am very proud of my son, Hassan, for being a school councillor. Not only that, but I think the school councillors will make a great change. Congratulations !

  2. Miss Evington says:

    You were all amazing at presenting this in assembly! Well done everyone!

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