School Council meeting 10th November 2016 – Trussell Trust

Today at our School Council meeting we discussed the topic of poverty. We were extremely surprised to discover, from Mrs Patel, that there are many people who live in this state in Britain at present. We were particularly shocked to find out that some people do not have enough food to eat; some children only having a hot meal at school.
During our discussion, Mrs Patel informed us of a charity, Trussell Trust, who run over 400 food banks across the country. Our Councillors discovered that one of these food banks is on Soho Road, near to our school. As a result, we feel that we would like to support them by donating food from the pupils at Grove.
On Friday the 11th November, during assembly, the School Councillors will be informing the children about the work of the Trussell Trust and what they will need to donate.
The subjects we will be discussing during assembly will be:
. facts about poverty
. what a food bank is
. the types of food to donate and the types of food not
to donate
. how the School Councillors will organise the collection
of the food

All of our School Councillors are very excited to be supporting such a worthy cause. We will update this blog with the outcome of the assembly.

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