New School Year

We would like to welcome everyone back to a new and exciting school term. At the end of last term the School Council was extremely busy and we would like to let you know about the outcome of some of our work.

As you know, Years 5 and 6 wrote letters to Councillor Waseem Zaffar regarding our concerns about the removal of the School Patrol Crossing Warden from our school. Not only did we get a response from the councillor; he actually attended an assembly and collected the letters personally. Councillor Zaffar listened intently to our students and later met the school council for a more in depth discussion about our concerns. He informed us that he would pass our letters on to the committee that are responsible for school crossings.

In December, a visit was made to the Trussell Trust food bank by a representative group of school councillors along with Mrs Patel and Ms Din. We were warmly welcomed and the donations of food, items for personal hygiene and nappies were gratefully received. We would like to thank the children and families at Grove for supporting us in this venture. While at the Trussell Trust food bank we learnt that some supermarkets do not donate their unsold food that has past its sell by date to them. We felt extremely surprised by this action as this food would be headed to landfill sites rather than helping the needy. As a result of this information we have decided to write letters to some of these supermarkets to try and persuade them to change their minds.

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